02.10.21 Feedback For Learning

Guest Curator: Rebecca Webb

Spanish teacher Rebecca Webb from Columbine High School (Jefferson County School District – Littleton) welcomes you to Day 4 of our February 7-Day Challenge in the video below.

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Listen: How To Give Effective Feedback That Works

Read: 20 Ways To Provide Effective Feedback For Learning

Take Action:

  • Teachers: Invite students to tell you when your feedback has helped them master the material.  Use this input to make changes as needed.
  • Leaders: Education leaders should provide regular targeted feedback and one or two suggestions for action that can be implemented immediately. Provide meaningful conversation that will offer support for teachers. Why not have a goal of one conversation a week?
  • Parents: Remember to be specific when sharing praise or corrective feedback with your child. Today, make a point to share details with your child about something they have done well. (e.g. “Cooper, I can tell you worked hard to make your handwriting clear. Your teacher will easily be able to understand what you wrote. Good work!”)

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