02.12.21 Meaningful Feedback In Minimal Time

Guest Curator: Christine Pommé

Assistant Principal Christine Pomm̩ from Sierra Middle School (Douglas County School District РParker) welcomes you to Day 6 of our February 7-Day Challenge in the video below.

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Listen/Read: Flash Feedback How To Provide More Meaningful Feedback In Less Time

Take Action:

  • Teachers: Find 1-2 skills you want to develop in your students this week, and use the Flash Feedback method. Note the growth data that you observe at the conclusion of this method.
  • Leaders: Find 1-2 skills you want to develop in your teachers , and use the Flash Feedback method this week.  Evaluate the effectiveness of this method in your classroom observations, and note the growth you observe in your teachers.
  • Parents: Email your child’s teacher to learn one growth area your child could work on this week.  Use the Flash Feedback method to work with your child this week.  Note his/her growth at the end of the week.

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