04.14.21 Things to Try in the Classroom: Helping Students Set Goals and Become Aware of Their Growth

Watch: 5th Grader Caden tells us about how he’s using Project Heart to set goals to apply for funding for his project and how he’s used teamwork to meet those goals.

Read: What “Lead By Example Means” for Students of Color

Take Action:

  • Teachers: We challenge you to take a step today to find and bring a new and diverse voice into your classroom or into your understanding of your own classroom practice.
  • Leaders: We challenge you to take a step today to broaden your understanding of your role as a leader in supporting and promoting diverse voices in your sphere of influence.
  • Parents: We challenge you to talk with your children about people who are different than they are.  Go on a curiosity journey to see how you might collectively learn more about others’ life experiences.

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