We Believe...

All Students and teachers deserve innovative learning environments that:

  • Build community 
  • Spark curiosity 
  • Develop relevant skills

All Educators deserve professional learning communities which:

  • Support them to innovate within local contexts
  • Inspire growth in professional practice
  • Equip them to ensure equity in innovation


InnEdCO is Launching Chapters to support innovative education 

InnEdCO Chapters serve as regional professional learning communities to inspire, support, and connect educators across our state.

While attending and being part of a Chapter is open to anyone, Chapters also provide leadership opportunities for Premium InnEdCO members and will help extend the reach of InnEdCO as an official ISTE Affiliate.  

Want to connect with the InnEdCO Board to learn more about chapters? Contact us at launch-committee@innedco.org

Interested in launching a chapter in your region? Fill out the form below!