InnEdCO Endowment

On April 8, 2013, the Technology In Education, now known as InnEdCO, Board created a permanent Endowment with assets held and managed for investment and appropriation. The purpose of the Endowment is to provide grants to support the use of technology in education. In that regard, grants may be awarded from the Endowment under the following terms:

For individuals who are employed by a public school district or private school in Colorado for tuition and accommodations at InnEdCO’s annual conference; The following individuals and organizations are eligible to receive support under this Endowment:

  1. For the InnEdCO conference – individual classroom teachers working in public or private schools in Colorado;

  2. For all other grants – individual schools (public or private) and/or school districts (public or private) in Colorado. Such grants may be made in collaboration with other public institutions, nonprofit institutions or educational institutions so long as the responsible applicant is a K-12 public or private school or district in Colorado.

Members of the Innovative Education Grants Committee:

  • Kelly Sain
  • Nannette McMurtry
  • Kayla Swanton