Meet the Endowment Committee


Kelly served on the InnEdCO board from 2011 – 2018. She most recently served InnEdCO as its Conference Chair. Kelly has had many roles with InnEdCO including attending, presenting, and volunteering. She currently serves on the Grants Committee helping to continually support educators who are a part of InnEdCO to take back the learning and make it come to life in the classroom.

As an award winning educator, Kelly is committed to ensuring that technology enhances, engages, and motivates students to learn. As the Director of STEM for Boulder Valley, she draws from many diverse experiences focused on educational technology: a classroom teacher, an educational consultant, a university instructor and a district K-12 technology leader. She has a long history in staff development, focusing on integrating technology into teachers’ curriculum and classrooms so that students create, investigate, connect and learn via digital environments.

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