In December, InnEdCO began a new practice of giving; sharing one week of bite-sized, professional learning for educators, education leaders, and parents-as-educators each month.

These free, monthly 7-day challenges are designed to uplift and inspire each of us as we seek to meet the needs of our current reality in education. 

NOTE: We are in the process of redesigning our challenge page to be more mobile-friendly.  We beg for your patience while we prepare for the February challenge and repackage the content from the prior months’ challenges.  The links connected to the images below will become functional on February 7th.

The February challenge begins the week of February 7, 2021.  Bookmark this page or follow up @InnEdCO on social media to access the challenge resources and to join the fun!  

February 7-Day Challenge Resources

 December 7-Day Challenge Resources

Click here for the January 7-Day Challenge Resources
(separate posts will be forthcoming in the next few weeks)