Call for proposals is open

If you’re here, we hope you’re considering facilitating a session at InnEdCO 2021: Rising Together, Emerging Stronger! Each person’s learning through this pandemic has been unique and YOU have a story that’s worth hearing.  We are confident your session will encourage our participants to reflect on the many learnings and lessons this year afforded and the takeaways that are worth elevating and sharing.

Apply today!

What should you keep in mind when planning your InnEdCO 2021 session?

  • Title of Session (60 characters max)
  • Session Objectives
  • Session Summary (255 characters max)
  • Type of Session 
  • Length of Session
  • Session Description

What else should you know?

  • If you’d like to submit more than one session, we’d love that!  For the sake of your learning, please don’t submit more than 1-3 – otherwise you’ll end up stressing about your presentations and won’t have any time to learn for yourself!
  • If you do want to present more than once, please fill out the google form for each topic you’re considering. 
  • If we think your session might work better in a different format, we’ll contact you and ask you if you’re willing to make that shift.  
  • We encourage K-12 students to present too! Well-prepared sessions that include students get rave reviews! However, the proposal must be submitted by an adult presenter or chaperone. If a student panel proposal is accepted, the conference committee will request student presenters’ names.

Do you get paid for your session?

We provide a 10% conference discount for presenting. At this time InnEdCO is not able to offer a full conference discount or to pay expenses for presenters.

When will your session be scheduled?

If accepted, sessions with an elementary focus will be scheduled for Monday, June 14th or Tuesday, June 15th. Sessions with a secondary or higher ed focus will be scheduled for Thursday, June 17th, or Friday, June 18th. If you have blackout dates in that range, please let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs while also designing a well-balanced conference.  We will attempt to get you specifics with date and time in the spring.

When will you know if your session has been accepted?

First, fill out the proposal form linked above and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the last page. If you do not receive an email confirmation after you submit your proposal, please check your Spam folder. If your confirmation is not in your spam/junk mail folder,  please contact Linda Horne at with your inquiry.