Book a Meeting Room

We are excited to offer schools and districts the opportunity to bring their teams together in times of reflection and conversation during the InnEdCO conference. We invite you to reserve one or two 30-minute or 60-minute time periods in one of the following rooms during the conference. We encourage you to use this time for reflection, planning, and collaboration to help you integrate what you’re learning at InnEdCO into your work next school year.

The Board Room (June 11-14)

Windwood (June 12 and 13)

Golds (June 12 and 13)

FoxFire (June 12 and 13)

  • Book no more than one or two timeslots.
  • Bring no food or drink for your group into the room (as this would violate our contract with Keystone.)
  • Use the links above to open a Google Calendar.
  • Use the arrows to advance the calendar to the dates of InnEdCO.
  • Book the Room of your choice by clicking on the appointment slot and changing the title and description to be clear to your team.