Endowment - Special Project Grants

Important Information:

  1. ISTE Student and Educator standards and/or district plan must be part of the rationale for the Special Project grant.
  2. Funds are awarded to the school or organization’s grants department. Funds cannot be awarded to individuals.
  3. Funds cannot be used for grant administration purposes or IT services, however the value of these services can count towards in-kind matching funds.
  4. Funds can be used for clerical work or actual service provided for the project.
  5. A private corporation can be a partner as long as a qualified school organization is administering the grant.
  6. Upon completion of the special project you will be expected to submit evidence of the project’s impact.

Required Documentation:

If awarded a special project grant from the InnEdCO Endowment, you will need to verify non-profit status by providing:

  • Charter (in the case of a Charter school)
  • Proof of tax exempt status (if a public or private school)
  • Federal Identification number and or Tax Exempt number

Please keep a copy of your Special Project Proposal for later reference.

Application process:


Contact: grants@innedco.org or email any of the following endowment committee members:
Mike Herr, herrma@innedco.org
Dan More, dmore@innedco.org
Kelly Sain, ksain@innedco.org

Last Year's Special Project Grants

The Innovative Education Colorado Endowment is pleased to recognize the recipients of Special Projects funding last year.  Congratulations to the following Colorado schools and their 2019 winning proposals.