Are you an Innovative Educator in Colorado? Are you a passionate teacher that strives daily to provide authentic and engaging learning opportunities for all your students? Are you a school district employee that coordinates in facilitating and supporting unique, hands-on modern approaches to learning across a variety of schools? Have you attended and/or presented at an InnEdCO conference and walked away inspired with a multitude of new ideas that empower your educational toolkit? Do you love connecting with other educators around the globe to explore new possibilities, learn from one another, and develop new learning experiences for all of your students? 

If any of these sound like you, then it is time for you to join the ranks and become an InnEdCO Ambassador!

InnEdCO Ambassadors are passionate, innovative, life long learners that believe, embody, and exemplify the InnEdCO mission and vision daily in their Colorado learning environments. Whether you are the ever important classroom teacher, the astounding school leader, or the determined district coordinator, any one of you can be an InnEdCO Ambassador.

Like many of our EdTech Partners, InnEdCO is excited to announce our own Ambassadorship program as a way to showcase the amazing innovative work happening in education across the state of Colorado and beyond!

What does participation look like in the InnEdCO Ambassador Program?

  • Exclusive access to the InnEdCO Ambassador Online Community
  • Ability to share your blog posts and other ideas through InnEdCO’s social media and website
  • Access to our Online Chapter
  • Participation in Twitter Chats (even helping host them throughout the year), Facebook Groups, and even some fun Instagram challenges!

What benefits does an educator get from being an InnEdCO Ambassador?

  • Free InnEdCO Premium membership (see details about the membership program here)
  • Features on InnEdCO Social Media
  • Exclusive Signature Badge (use this on emails, social media, etc. to showcase that you are an InnEdCO Ambassador)
  • Profile info on InnEdCO Website
  • Discount to attend our Summer Conference
  • Even more future exclusives that we’ll reveal throughout the expansion of the program (i.e. swag, LinkedIn profile badge, conference exclusives, sponsor promotions, etc.)

So now that you know everything about the program, are you interested in becoming an InnEdCO Ambassador?

Great! For questions please