Introducing: The InnEdCO Summer Series

We are SO excited to offer you free summer programming during the week of #InnEdCO! Reflect, experience, grow, & connect with your favorite learning crew from June 15th – June 18th. Join us virtually from the comfort of your own favorite summer location!

  • Begin the day with an inspiring keynote from renowned speaker Dr. Katie Martin.
  • Attend your choice of sessions or choose an independent learning option.
  • Be logged off and ready to rejoin your family or friends before lunch!

Had some quality thought time during the day? Want to check in with other educators regarding an idea or question you have? We invite you to join us for a short  reflection session each day.


We will be in contact with the individuals, schools and/or districts who have already paid for registration to issue refunds. We will be working directly with the people who have submitted the payment for registration. For example, if your school district paid for you to attend we will be contacting your school district to issue the refund and not individual registrants. 

Please contact Jennifer Frost ( if you have questions regarding refunds. Individuals who paid for their own registration and district/school purchasing department please fill out the form